Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My first Christmas mantel!

The one homemade part of this is that I bought these cool mirrored frames on clearance about a year earlier.  I loved them but couldn't figure out what to do with them.  Come Christmas time I was determined to use them so I bought an old kids Christmas book at Goodwill - cut out my favorite two pictures and mounted them over black scrapbook paper with silver stars on it!  

Dress Before...and After!

Tune back in to see the after - I have to find the picture!

Mini Cards!

I love these because they are cute and the note inside has to be concise or it won't fit!!!  Small and sweet!

Summer's over - back on the blogwagon...

Still catching up - this is what I hand painted on Mary's crib wall!  She loves the birds and often wants to kiss them goodnight.  She used to call them tweet tweets but now she says "Burds, tweet, tweet".  CUTE!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Colton's class quilt!!!

Colton's class needed to make something to contribute to a fundraiser auction for their school tutoring program.  I volunteered to teach them how to quilt and make a quilt with them that we could donate.  Little did I know that it would have been MUCH easier to do the whole thing myself!  Such is life - I should have known but holy cow!  Let's just say it might have been easier to make a true crazy quilt with the "squares" they cut - there was not a 90 degree angle to be found so I had to do a lot of fudging.  I must say it turned out pretty good and their class teacher bought it with the "buy it now" bid which made me feel good - he really liked the project.  

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New boots for her TINY feet!

So this is a project I did months ago as you can probably tell from how tiny my baby is in the picture but I had to take a little credit for these cute boots!  They were perfect for about 2 weeks and then too small but they'll be good to pass down to the next little cousin!  I found a sewing tutorial on etsy (I bought it) and it was pretty easy to follow considering I still haven't tried to follow and actual pattern yet!  The fleece stretched just right so they totally stayed on and hugged her little legs - they were awesome!

New sweater for Mary!

I love a good monogram as much as the next person so I was excited to try this out!  I found this GAP sweater for $1 at a thrift store and used all the buttons from a grown out of pair of overalls from the cousins that were ready for the give away box.  She likes to play with them the buttons.  It's a good thing I used extra heavy carpet thread that was the same oatmeal color as the sweater so they're on there really good and tight.  Fun huh! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Calendar - framed!

I searched high and low for a frame with 12 equal matte openings and after going to 2 custom framing places (only to find out it would cost nearly $300 even w/ a 65% off coupon), I found the perfect frame at Walmart for $20 bucks - BLESSING! It's pretty large - about 24 x 36 inches and looks much cuter in person! Here is our family birthday calendar with fun stickers to embellish the printed out names and dates.

Broken clock to cool, personalized clock!

I bought this Pottery Barn clock at a garage sale for $2. I thought it would make a cool and unique little frame since the clock was broken. When I got it all apart I decided to just see if I could fix the clock and I did it! Next I printed out a picture from one of our Oregon coast trips this last year. Alex is at 9 o'clock, Porter at 6 o'clock and Colton at 3 o'clock! Cool huh! I keep it in the dining room (which Nate has allowed to temporarily become my sewing room until we build in a window seat with some storage for my sewing stuff)!

Christmas Pjs - a true redo...

Duplicat post to our family blog but I need something to put here - I've been slacking! These were a work of love - especially considering my serge stitch was too loose and I had to take all of them home and resew them, mend them, shorten them, and tighten them! A TRUE REDO GURU type of action! Now that it's all said and done though aren't they cute! I'm hoping they'll last long enough to pass them down and we can just make the big kids the new ones for a while - or maybe just get them at Costco or Target next year and call it good!!!