Thursday, March 10, 2011

New boots for her TINY feet!

So this is a project I did months ago as you can probably tell from how tiny my baby is in the picture but I had to take a little credit for these cute boots!  They were perfect for about 2 weeks and then too small but they'll be good to pass down to the next little cousin!  I found a sewing tutorial on etsy (I bought it) and it was pretty easy to follow considering I still haven't tried to follow and actual pattern yet!  The fleece stretched just right so they totally stayed on and hugged her little legs - they were awesome!

New sweater for Mary!

I love a good monogram as much as the next person so I was excited to try this out!  I found this GAP sweater for $1 at a thrift store and used all the buttons from a grown out of pair of overalls from the cousins that were ready for the give away box.  She likes to play with them the buttons.  It's a good thing I used extra heavy carpet thread that was the same oatmeal color as the sweater so they're on there really good and tight.  Fun huh!