Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Falling behind!

I am many weeks behind my goal to post weekly. But I made this blog for myself, not anyone else so I am just reminding me that it's okay! I have actually done many projects, a few are gifts that cannot be shared, a few I've not pictured yet. After Christmas I plan to post weekly again!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh so much cuter!

Not so cute...

So we've had this great puzzle for going on 9 years now - good old wooden toys! It was ugly though and needed a bit of a face lift. I don't want Mary to be playing with toys that have gross looking pizza's on them! Face lift complete thanks to some scrapbook paper and mod podge!

Ta da...!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Accidental fondant-like frosting!

I'm not much of a cake maker - everyone else on the planet may already know this but it was a surprise to me! Anyways, I needed to frost Mary's cupcakes and the frosting I had in the fridge (store bought Betty Crocker I think) was too hard to spread without squishing the cupcakes so I put it in the microwave to soften - way to long - oops! I melt everything! It was runny like liquid when I pulled it out and I needed it on fast so I went ahead and poured it onto the cupcakes. It hardened super fast and looked just like a fancy fondant cupcake. Good mistakes occasionally happen to me! I might actually do it on purpose next time!

Craft for boys! Football Helmets...

So we were trying to make awesome BYU football costumes for this Halloween on a bit of a budget and so we made the helmets - well sort of. We bought 3 misc. helmets at Goodwill and garage sales for between $1 and $4 and removed all the stickers and cleaned them up. Then I spray painted them all navy blue. Next I took a strip of white electrical tape over the top to make the stripe on top. Last I took white duck tape and cut out BYU looking Y's and stuck them on the sides. The look pretty good huh!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fabric scraps and an old towel...

= New Bibs! I think if I had just boys I may never have had the incentive to start sewing - thank goodness for Mary! I am going to make a bunch more because these were so easy and they gave me an excuse to use my button hole maker on my new machine which is really fun! They are just surged around the edges with a pink towel behind them to make them absorbent!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My favorite shirt but BETTER!

I kick myself for not taking a picture of this before I remade it but it WAS a 3/4 sleeve shirt from the Gap that I'd had since high school I think. I hadn't worn it in years but LOVED the material so I couldn't bear to part with it - I could however delight in the idea of remaking it into a little dress for my little princess. Supplies, old shirt, new onsie, ribbon and vintage lace from garage sales. It looks darling with these Naartjie blue and green polka dot leggings that are the EXACT same colors - lucky match! Here it is...



I found a floral mobile in a PB kids catalog and I just loved it. It was a prop and not for sale so I thought - hey, I can do that! As you can kinda tell I copied the paint too! And it was fun to create something so cool with a Goodwill quilting hoop, floral tape, tissue paper and grosgrain ribbon. Pretty huh!


This was a catchy title I came up with but in no way do I claim to be a guru. I am merely a wannabe guru or a guru in training. I love to redo or remake things and this is my place to show them off and keep track of my projects. It's mostly for myself so that on those days where I'm feeling extremely lame and unproductive I can remind myself that at times I am creative. That I do have something to contribute that is much more lasting than the clean floors I mop and the beds that I make. I think that's why I like sewing - cause unless I do a really shoddy job it stays done! Anyways, I'll start by posting some recent projects then my goal is to post one new project a week (unless I get swept off to Hawaii or something then I'll skip a week!). If you have any questions or ideas of projects you have come up with please share. Happy redoing!